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Many people don’t realize that if you have got a low credit score there are some credit repair secret tips that can help you undo the damage and increase your score. Debt collectors don’t really want you to know these tips otherwise they would have less work, but you do have rights and debt collectors do have rules that they have to follow.

The first step you need to take to improve your credit rating is to make sure that all the negative points on your credit report are accurate. Quite often a small mistake on a credit report is what makes a person’s credit score low. Request a copy of your credit report from all the three credit bureaus and go through the reports to make sure that there are no mistakes. If you do find a mistake you will need to contact the bureau immediately and in writing so they can investigate it and fix the error. You don’t want inaccurate information being the cause of your low credit score so this is the first thing you need to rule out.

When are dealing with a credit bureau you need to keep your documents and details filed of all your communications. It is best to send them a letter by certified mail and keep a copy of the letter for your own records. The credit bureaus should investigate any inaccuracies and respond within 30 days but there may be times when your case might be misplaced or they just aren’t on top of everything so you should always keep your own records.

Remember also that you are not a servant working for the credit bureau; this information greatly affects many aspects of your life so you need to be assertive when dealing with the bureaus. You should still be professional and polite but don’t talk to them like you are asking them to do you a favor because it is more important than that. You want a mistake corrected and you may need to be assertive to get them to do it.

By law the credit bureaus have 45 days to respond to you but there are cases where it has taken longer. The process can sometimes drag on a little so don’t expect the mistake to be fixed overnight, but if it does go on too long then you need to contact them to see what the holdup is.

At some time in the future you may want to buy a new home or a new car and may need to apply for a mortgage or a loan and you may not be able to if you have a bad credit score. Don’t wait until the time comes to apply for that loan before you start worrying about your credit score, by then it will take too long to get it repaired. Start repairing your credit score now so that when you do need to apply for a mortgage or loan you will be able to without worrying about a bad credit rating.

To improve your credit score, and while you are waiting for any mistakes to be fixed, start practising some good credit strategies. Start paying all your bills on time and this includes your household bills as well as loan payments and credit card payments. Late payments on your bills and loans can really affect your credit score.

If you are will to devote some time and effort into repairing your credit score then you can successfully do so. It will take time and that is probably the biggest credit repair secret tip of all. But the sooner you begin taking steps to repair your credit the sooner your score will increase and you can start enjoying the benefits of having a good credit rating.


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